Samantha’s experience at Camp C

WOW! I have had the best 3 weeks ever!! From seeing the sights of Bangkok to teaching the most beautiful children… this experience could not have been any better. I have had such an eye-opening experience which has made me appreciate life more. I was given the chance to visit an orphanage which made me appreciate the things I have, it also made me want to improve the children’s lives and want to visit them again just to see their beautiful and happy faces light up again and again.

The reps of the camp were fantastic (Marleen, Lauren C and Lauren D) especially with the support and commitment to helping us all achieve and experience the best that we could in Thailand. They were always there to lend a help in hand with the local area of even a shoulder to cry on when things were hard. I lost my phone on the first day of camp and the girls were always asking updates on how it was and were helpful with arranging reporting it to the police. The Thai reps were all amazing with their support and guidance and they also did a fantastic job!

Special should out to Furn… a truly amazing Thai who is very proud of the country she lives in and her welcoming love is amazing!! I made a special bond with her and I’m going to miss her far too much!!

I think the job the girls have done has been fantastic considering there were 60+ of us on the intake. They could not have done a better job and because of this I am really interested in joining the trio as a rep next year. Hats off to all the girls they’ve done an incredible job and really made this experience the best for me!

Thank you for all your help girls and I hope I get to see you next year x