Nicola’s experience in Bangkok


I am writing this post from the pool in the thick of the jungle in Chiang Mai after an overnight train from Bangkok.

The first week of our Thailand trip has been and gone and has been interesting to say the least. After meeting the group of 68 with Camp Thailand we started exploring Bangkok.

Over three days we saw different aspects of the city and it was completely different to how I had imagined but we still managed to cram a lot in considering the heat and humidity !!

What we got up to:

– Long tail boat tour.
We took a long tail boat down Bangkok’s canals passing floating market stalls and wooden homes on stilts. The water was murky and was home to huge fish waiting to be fed.

– Ate at Big Buddha restaurant.
We started the trip as we meant to go on filling up on veg, rice and chips. Drinking strawberry daiquiri’s were so much better than eating scorpions and bugs, even when trying to be cultured during a tropical downpour.

– Wat Pro temple.
Wat Pro was beautiful! The temple had two main buildings and was so peaceful. It was home to a number of monks and was full of sparkle and statues. The giant reclining Buddha was huge!! Having bare feet on the marble floor felt so free.

– Khao San road.
Famous for street parties, tattoos, scorpions on sticks and alcohol buckets, Khao San road was just that. It was full of market stalls, promoters and bars but was much smaller than I expected. It didn’t go on all night as at midnight the military come in to shut it down!!

– The Grand Palace.
The Grand Palace was strict on dress code and was super busy as the city was in mourning for the King. It was so humid so going inside to see the emerald Buddha was a blessing in disguise.

– Baiyoke sky bar and restaurant.
On the 83rd floor of Baiyoke hotel there was a buffet and sky bar! With a group so big it was such a good idea and the food was amazing and so were the views! Up on the roof there was a 360 degree revolving viewing platform which you could see the whole city from above!

– Sleeper train.
Who would have thought you could have so much fun on a train. It definitely didn’t disappoint. With air con, phone chargers, lights, curtains, toilets, pillows and blankets it was so comfortable. At 7pm the seats were flipped to beds and we slept on the journey!!

This blog post was written by Nicola, who is currently at Camp Thailand. For more blog posts like this, head over to