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Full Moon Party

Sophie Atkinson’s Blog, “My experiences after Camp Thailand” 2016

Who’s ever heard of the Famous Full Moon Party? If you’re lucky enough to have had the experience of going to Camp Thailand then what’s better to go from island to island and to experience the Full Moon Party experience!

This post included what I did when I went on the Island hopping tour with my Camp friends and rep Dean. I also did a few Islands again afterwards as I enjoyed them so much! So make sure you leave enough time to travel after your month of teaching! Now we did so much on the Island hopping tour I would end up writing a book, so I am only including the main pointers of it to give you guys an idea of what to expect.

Island 1: Phuket!

On the Bus To Phuket baby!

Phuket I had heard mixed reviews about, but for me it is like Bangkok. You just have to experience it really. So I was really happy that it was on the Island Hopping tour agenda. I was pretty excited to see some Lady boys too!! Our first trip there was on the bus. What I loved about this was I had never been travelling before, so I had no clue whatsoever what to do. So the Island Hopping tour was a god send. I felt safe and it also put my parents at ease about me travelling South East Asia on my own.

We spent the first day familiarising ourselves with the area and where we were staying. After this the girls and I decided after a whole month of looking after elephants and swimming in lakes we thought that we deserved a day of pampering. When in Phuket you’ll find everyone will be trying to get you into their shop.

If you’re blonde like me you will be loved even more haha, ready to be swarmed by the Thai at the Full Moon Party. The Thai people adore blonde hair because it is so rare out there, they love seeing people with blonde hair. Anyway’s we walked past one beauty bar and we had sand stuck to our feet because we had been to Kamara Beach when a ladyboy came out saying we should go to her or his? (I don’t know) beauty shop.

She was very persuasive so off we went. Bless her, she hand washed all the sand of our legs and feet got us drinks, and gave us the WIFI password and we sat in big recliner chairs and each had a beautician to ourselves and there we were getting the full shabang. Amazing!

From Massage to Nails to Eyebrows to Hair we had it all ready to go and meet the others for our first night out in Phuket! I can’t say I remember a lot of my first night of Phuket apart from it was awesome!!! The best part is waking up with your Camp Thailand friends and reviewing the random and amazing things you experienced on the night out. Or if your me reliving the embarrassing things I did! Amazing night, and we couldn’t wait for the next one. Still the Full Moon Party awaits us!


Bangla Road Baby!

Boy, is this an experience and a half. Ping Pong Shows (if you don’t know what they are, I suggest you DON’T Google it, but make sure you experience one hahaha! I’m sat here giggling to myself it is a sight I don’t think anyone will ever be able to forget. You have lady boys who will blow your mind. Some of them are so stunning it is unreal. They are in the most amazing outfits, with glitter and sparkles everywhere!

Me being obsessed with sparkles I was in my element there, outfit planning for the Full Moon Party started to take place haha. The Lady boys were wearing the most beautiful tiara’s you have ever seen. I mean the legs some of those ladies have is just unreal. I spend hours in the gym and don’t look half as good as they do! Bangla Road is brilliant, we went from bar to bar to club to club.

There is so much going on, so it’s a good thing I went with the Island Hopping tour because otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue! They are all so friendly . I challenge the local Thai people on Bangla Road to a dance off…. Yes I have it on film, I may post it.. P.s I did win! I’m not a cheerleader for nothing! I am also on various amounts of peoples holiday cameras, there was a proper crowd and everything it was so funny.


The next destination on the tour is Krabi. Now when I got to Krabi the first thing I saw was a HUGE monkey sat on the top of a railing. Now although that is awesome, a word of advice from me to you is be cautious. Remember they are wild and Monkey’s are very naughty. So don’t get too close! I bought a banana from one of the stands and chucked it to the monkey.

He caught it peeled it and ate it, which was awesome. What’s funnier is that someone chucked some bread and the monkey smelt it pulled at face and chucked it back because he didn’t like it! I’m easily amused and found this hilarious for hours. Krabi was beautiful. It was great because we were on the beach.


Phi Phi

Oh how I love you Phi Phi

I hope you’re ready for this! I have far too many pictures of Phi Phi because this was by far my favourite Island of all! So What you’ll do is get a boat around the island of Phi Phi. It is stunning, it took my breath away. And no it wasn’t just because I got to walk on the same sand as Leo DiCaprio but the island was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (I totally has to say the letters out as I wrote them). You’ll go snorkelling, to Monkey Beach and to the lagoons. It is just such a great day with all your new friends.

Monkey Beach is brilliant. What’s better than wondering around in your bikini on the beach with baby monkeys running around you? I mean really, other than getting an elephant to suck my face back at Camp and swimming with them, this was pretty amazing. Sadly I was too excited by the whole monkey thing I didn’t get any pictures of me with any (which I am gutted about).

Snorkelling! The water is so clear! I’ve never done snorkelling before so It did take me a while to get the habit and realise that you had to keep the snorkel above the water in order to be able to breathe, because if you go under and try and breathe like I did you will choke and feel like you’re dying. It’s okay, as you can see I survived the experience. I got to see some awesome fish! I saw Nemo and Dori too! So despite what the film says, Dori and Nemo are not missing guys!

All is dandy in the sea. All is swish with the fish. Again I haven’t uploaded my pictures from my underwater camera, which is annoying seen as we made Dean continuously swim to the bottom and take pictures of us facing upwards. But I’m lazy and haven’t uploaded any from that camera yet, there are too many Full Moon Party pictures taking up the memory haha. I do think there are some on the Camp Thailand Instagram though! Next stop is FOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Pad Thai.

After eating your body weight in Thai Cuisine. Your last stop is Maya Bay! You do more on the trip, and I did these too on the tour but I am purely putting in the main stops for you, just so you can get some kind of an idea. Maya Bay is where the film The Beach was filmed if you didn’t already know and it is gorgeous. Stunning white soft sand with clear waters. Here are some pictures of what we got up to on Maya Bay.


After your day in Phi Phi, that is your 7 days done. You will have had the most amazing time and will have some pictures that you would normally see on Instagram and Twitter, wishing that it was you. The difference is this time they will be! Now I stayed another week after the Island Hopping Tour because I had an extra week before I went back to work. Instead of going back to Krabi and getting the bus back to Bangkok, the girls and I stayed on in Phi Phi for a few days!

We had a few great nights out. GIRLS TAKE SETTING SPRAY. It’s so humid and makeup melts off haha! After more than enough Buckets between Stockholm and Dojo and one too many games of beer pong and dancing on the bar we then made our way down to the beach front where the clubs were. Now every rep for that club will be trying to get you in there. To be honest it doesn’t matter where you go because all the dance floors for each club are on the beach next to each other so when you get bored just change!

The two main ones we went to and loved was Slinky’s and 4 Play. Slinky’s has a mechanical ball, which is really cool as well! Not to mention, fire displays, fire limbo, fire skipping ropes and more! Not as cheap as the bars as its a club but cheap enough. It’s great to get yourself familiar with the surroundings before the blow out at the Full Moon Party.

During the day other than recover, sunbathe and drink your bodyweight in watermelon smoothies there are some amazing market stalls with really nice clothes on them for so cheap! Like cheaper than Primark, and unlike Primark they last and are really cute! So check those out! After Phi Phi, we moved on to Koh Tao which is where me and the girls relaxed. Got our nails done massages and rented a moped for the day to go and see the view points. We also went to a cute cocktail bar on the see front and we had a nice relaxing gossip and nice time on Koh Tao.

Full Moon Party

The Famous Full Moon Party! Now everyone kept telling me before I left, is you have to go to The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangnang. I mean it’s famous! And I wasn’t going to miss this for the world. There are a few parties leading up to the Full Moon Party as well. But the main event is The Full Moon. Make sure you go a day before and get kitted out for the event.

Now if you are going to get away wearing full neon clothes, covered in paint and wear ridiculous flower head bands it’s in Thailand and most definitely at this party! Please Please Please though stick together. Boys or Girls it doesn’t matter there are so many people there it is not the time to lose your friends. But do enjoy yourself! Now in the day me and the girls headed out, got our Neon Paint, our Full Moon Party Outfits and accessories and headed back to the room to prepare.

The Full Moon Party really is an amazing experience. You won’t be bored and you will always find somewhere to go. If you don’t like the music of one place then walk 3 seconds to the next bar for a different genre of music. The atmosphere is great. I recommend taking a bum bag to clip round your waist to keep all your belongs safe.

Although you guys are probably more sensible than me, I leave my phone here there and everywhere. Every where you look there will be a bucket stand, someone painting neon pain, or chucking neon paint over you! Everyone dances on tables and you’ll meet so many people! Like I mentioned back in Phi Phi, they have fire games at every club and bar! Give fire skipping a go it is good fun!

I don’t really know what to say because everyone’s experience of The Full Moon Party will be different! Everywhere is so lively, you won’t be bored. Think of the size of a beach. The whole beach will be covered with people, clubs, bars and people dancing on tables or skipping with fire. Just one massive party on the beach. It gets super super busy! Also book your hotel in advance! It gets super booked up and the longer you leave it the more they will try and charge you!

All in all I had a fantastic time! The Island Hopping Tour was incredible. It was so good to travel with everyone I had met at Camp Thailand, as a group. We had a Thai and Western rep which made all the difference. It was so easy. I’m glad I got some travelling confidence to then go off and travel myself. For me and the girls it really was the perfect ending to our trip.