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Costs & Dates

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Camp Chiang Mai
Camp Chiang Mai

All intakes for Camp Chiang Mai are £899 inc £99 deposit + £10 application fee.

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Camp Phuket
Camp Phuket

All intakes for Camp Phuket are £1099 inc £99 deposit + £10 application fee.

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Camp Real Thai Experience
Camp Real Thai Experience

All intakes for Camp Real Thai Experience are £849 inc £99 deposit + £10 application fee.

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Camp Hua Hin
Camp Hua Hin

All intakes for Camp Hua Hin are £849 inc £99 deposit + £10 application fee.

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Additional Costs and Dates

Camp Real Thai 

5th April – 26th April (Songkran 13th – 15th April – Friday- Sunday)

19th April – 10th May

3rd May – 24th May

17th May – 7th June

31st May – 21st June

14th June – 5th July

28th June – 19th July

26th July – 16th August

9th August – 30th August

23rd August – 13th September

6th September – 27th September

21st September -12th October


Camp Phuket

11th May – 1st June

25th May – 15th June

8th June – 29th June

22nd June – 13th July

20th July – 10th August

3rd August – 24th August

17th August – 7th September

31st August – 21st September

14th September – 5th October

Camp Chiang Mai

16th May – 6th June

30th May – 20th June

13th June – 4th July

27th June – 18th July

25th July – 15th August

8th August – 29th August

22nd August – 12th September

5th September – 26th September

Hua Hin

18th May – 8th June

1st June – 22nd June

15th June – 6th July

29th June – 20th July

27th July – 17th August

10th August – 31st August

24th August – 14th September

7th September – 28th September


+ £48.86 DBS Check

Medical Form (Your GP may charge you for completion)

Any additional tours or EP elective you wish to join

Flights and Insurance

Transport/Accommodation For Pre-Departure Orientation Meeting