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Top 10 Reasons to Do Camp Thailand!

  1. Safe, 24/7 Supportive Environment
  2. Gain Self-Awareness to define or clarify your life’s mission
  3. Experience Personal Growth and Learn New Skills
  4. Give Back to Those in Need
  5. Be of Service to others  
  6. Get up close and personal with Thailand’s elephants!
  7. Add Valuable Credentials to your Resume or C.V.
  8. Make New Friends for life from across the world
  9. Unbeatable Fun and Adventure
  10. Superior Quality Programmes at unbelievably affordable prices

Have you ever dreamed of going to Thailand? Have you ever thought about working in Thailand? We have planned the perfect experience for you with Camp Thailand! We have combined the best that Thailand has to offer with a Camp experience.

Do you have that urge to live outside the box? To go out into the world and do something different?

Do you have that urge to live outside the box? To go out into the world and do something different? Camp Thailand is the way to do it! Traveling alone is incredible, but working in a team at Camp gives you the chance to get a real feel for the country, its people and their culture, while making a positive change in the lives of many.

You can fully involve yourself within the community, and the experiences you gain from this will live with you forever. By working with other applicants like yourself, and sharing these experiences, you will create lifelong friendships and memories. Working at Camp gets you involved and interacting with the local community, giving you a true insight into Thai culture. You will experience so much more than your average tourist!  We have crammed in the best Thailand has to offer and you can choose between four separate camp experiences.



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Did you know? By doing Camp Thailand you get discounts with AmeriCamp, Camp CambodiaCamp Canada, Camp South Africa, Camp.co.uk and AusJob