Tips For A First Time Traveller

Are you about to head off on your first travel adventure? While you probably can’t sit still due to all the excitement, you’re probably also experiencing the pre-trip jitters. Don’t fret, we have compiled the perfect list of top tips to ensure you have the best time away.

  • On the first night when you’re nervous of who you’ll meet and what might happen – savour it and stay calm. It’s normal and it’ll be brilliant. Just take a deep breath in and go…
  • Send yourself an email with a scan of your passport, ID, driving license and whatever else you might need. If you take your phone or iPod/iPad, download some applications that will help you speak the local languages. This will reduce the stress if any vital documents are stolen or lost.
  • Take only half the stuff you packed. If you travel alone, go to hostels to make new friends quickly. Be open-minded and don’t expect things to go as you would like them to go. Eat new things as often as you can – food is life, pleasure and culture!
  • For girls: Always pack a sarong. It can be used for many things: skirt, dress, blanket, pillow, curtain, towel, shawl, wrap for precious items…the list is endless.
  • For guys: Flip flops… bare with me on this one! The benefits of flipflops to sandals are that they are lightweight, cheap, and flat, making them easy to take wherever plus it won’t matter if you lose them.