The Bangkok Tour


Your first few days at Camp Thailand will be spent on the Bangkok Tour, this really sets the scene for the rest of your trip. This is the perfect opportunity to discover Bangkok and learn a bit about Thai culture and Buddhism, which is an incredibly important aspect of every day life in Thailand.

On your first night in Bangkok, you will head out for a meal with all of the other Camp Thailanders, this is a great chance to get chatting to everyone that you’ll be spending the next month with! Some of you may be trying your very first Thai dish, we advise getting the massaman curry, which is incredible! The Camp Thailand reps may even offer you to try a scorpion…

The following morning you will head off on a day of sightseeing; make sure to bring lots of water and a handheld fan, Bangkok is extremely humid and I promise you, you’ll thank us later! You’ll start on a longtail boat tour, which is the perfect chance to see Bangkok by water, the longtail boat will take you to Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining Buddha. You most likely have never seen a more intricate temple it’s truly breathtakingly beautiful.

After exploring Wat Pho you’ll stop for some lunch, we definitely advice trying the Pad Thai! If you don’t know what that is; it’s a peanut noodle dish that is absolutely delicious, you’ll see them everywhere once you get to Camp Thailand and you’ll probably become very familiar with them.

During the afternoon you’ll walk over to the Grand Palace, where everyone will be given a guided tour of the beautiful palace. Scattered with gold mosaic work and bejewelled statues it’s absolutely amazing, with how detailed the whole palace is, it’s no wonder the king lived there!  Once everyone’s sufficiently explored the grand palace you’ll jump into tuk-tuks and head back to the hotel, your first experience in a tuk-tuk will definitely be one to remember. The Bangkok roads are an absolute whirlwind of cars and bikes, whizzing through them on a tuk-tuk was crazy!

During the evening all the Camp Thailanders will head over to the rooftop bar, which has loads of tasty cheap cocktails, if you love cocktails as much as we do, this bar will literally be your dream come true! You’ll then have a Thai buffet and dance the night away. So all in all, the Bangkok Tour will be the perfect start to your trip and will set you up for the next few months with Camp Thailand. Bangkok has so much to offer, and this is an incredible way to immerse yourself in Thai culture from the get go!

Hope you guys have an incredible time in Thailand!