Camp Thailand

Welcome to Camp Thailand! We’re so glad you found us because we are determined to offer the best deal on life changing summer camp experiences in Thailand.

With each member of the team holding travel and Thailand close to their hearts, here at Camp Thailand we know what’s important to each one of our applicants, and we are there for each and every one of them every step of the way.

Whether you have previous experience or not, Camp Thailand is guaranteed to leave you with memories for life and a place in your heart for the people of Thailand.

Whether it be that you are a teacher looking to do something in your time off or a great addition to your gap year or simply looking for the perfect summer job abroad you have definitely come to the right place.

Summer Camp Thailand - work in Thailand

Here at Camp Thailand we’ve combined the best that Thailand has to offer! You will teach English as a foreign language and run sporting activities to local children. You will even help out in the Elephant Conservation Village, feeding and bathing these incredible animals in the nearby river. Why not try your hand at Muay Thai Boxing? Try raft building, kayaking and other water activities in the nearby lake! Enjoy our weekly bonfire BBQ party with all your newly made friends! We have lots of activities crammed into this month long summer experience.

If a summer of sun, new friends, unbelievable experiences and unforgettable memories is your idea of fun then you need to come to Thailand! So if you’re looking for the ultimate summer experience, this is it. Get out of Europe! Get out of your comfort zone! Get to Camp Thailand!

Knocking around Manchester? Don’t forget to pop into our office! We have a Ping Pong table, basketball and #FreeBiscuits, so come and join us for a game and a cuppa! Also once you’re part of the family you will get good discounts on all of our other fantastic brands;  Camp South AfricaCamp CanadaAusJob, ThaiJobs, Camp Cambodia and Invasion!

So come and see what all the hype of Camp Thailand is all about

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